Beer and Bone Density

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Beer and Bone Density

It may sound surprising to many but one of the most exciting discoveries in the last few years has to do with the relationship between beer and bone density. As it turns out, several medical organizations have provided data on the purported positive relationship between beer and bone density, specifically data that says beer can help improve bone health when consumed in moderation.

The pioneering work in this study is done by researchers from the University of California belonging to the Department of Food Science and Technology. The studies conducted by researchers from that group reveal that beer has healthy proportions of dietary silicon which is essential for enhancing bone density.

One of the greatest outcomes from this research is the fact that more than 100 brands of commercial beer have been duly catalogued to record their silicon content and other nutritional information and most exhibited excellent results in the way of enhancing the beer and bone density connection. This also shows that despite the varying methods to brew beer one thing remains certain, and that is that dietary silicon is an expected by-product of the process endowing beer with near magical properties to help boost bone health.

The silicon content, as research further shows, is primarily derived from the barley and is not degraded throughout the malting and brewing processes. As a result, the silicon gets transferred, almost unchanged, from raw barley to the final beer product and accounts for a significant reason as to why beer and bone density can be made to coexist and reinforce each other’s value.

To underline the obvious, there are a significant number of elder drinkers that can benefit from the beer and bone density connection seeing as osteoporosis is predominant in the older generation. When the body ages, it is less able to metabolize calcium from daily food sources; instead, the body’s calcium needs is addressed by cannibalizing calcium from the bones. This process weakens the bone until osteoporosis sets in leading to further health issues and complications. In fact, more and more women over the age of 50 are plagued with osteoporosis and its related symptoms and this is something that has to be thoroughly addressed from all sides.

This is where moderate beer consumption can pose significant benefit to those looking to beef up their bone health. With beer and bone density in sync, moderate beer drinkers can be more confident that they can retard the onset of bone-related issues. Beer can be the best vehicle to achieve this, if proper measures are taken to not abuse the drinking and offset its benefits with more detrimental side effects due to alcohol intoxication. With just a glass or two of beer a day, one can be better equipped to deal with the threat of bone damage helping to prop up the body for more years of active living post retirement.