Beer and Diabetes

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Beer and Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious condition and diabetics are required to constantly check on the foods that they eat as it can lower their blood sugar to dangerous levels. As diabetes is caused by the body being unable to produce insulin or enough quantities of it to regulate blood sugar levels, the diabetic must take matters into their own hands if they are to live a full life. As such, the diabetic is often forced to avoid a number of foods and drinks.

At first thought, you would think that beer is not a drink that would be good for diabetics. Many believe that consumption of beer results in reduced blood sugar levels which results in hypoglycemia. However, recent research on beer for diabetes may disprove such theories and establish completely new beneficial ones.

The link between beer and diabetes is an area that has constantly intrigued researchers and scientists alike. Every year, there are studies carried out to establish whether or not beer is good or bad for diabetics.

Recent studies on beer for diabetes conducted by Spanish researchers have led them to conclude that beer drinking may be beneficial to individuals who have diabetes. Moreover, the study also indicates that beer may be a healthy addition to their diet, contrary to once popular beliefs.

One study on beer for diabetes was carried out on over a thousand men and women in their late fifties. It indicated that moderate drinking was actually beneficial to the health of such individuals. The research suggested that moderate beer drinkers were less likely to gain weight than individuals who did not drink any beer at all. Moreover, the study also indicated that beer drinking may help individuals reduce body fat as well as overall weight.

Researchers have always theorized the link between weight and diabetes. Weight is a well-known risk factor when talking about diabetes. As such, a number of diabetics are required to lose weight as part of their treatment. Regular beer drinkers were noted to have less body fat than non-regular beer drinkers. As such, they were at a lower risk of suffering from diabetes and other weight complications such as high blood pressure.

Typically, moderate consumption of beer would involve two to three pints of beer for men and two for women. Such studies has led researchers to believe that the weight gain seen in beer drinkers has more to do with the foods and snacks eaten when drinking than the beer itself.

Moreover, beer is no longer considered as being full of empty calories. Some of the latest studies have determined beer to have fiber which is an important dietary requirement. Moreover, beer has been known to have other beneficial effects on the heart as well when taken in moderate amounts.

Though the research on beer for diabetes is still going on, things are looking a lot more encouraging for diabetics who enjoy having a couple of cold one at the end of a hard day’s work. However, as we all know the health benefits of beer can change to an unhealthy situation if not drank in moderation.