Beer and Vitamins

2012 Health Benefits of Beer

Surprising Beer and Vitamins Information

There is a recent school of thought that purports to have discovered a connection between beer and vitamins. In years past, beer was largely lauded for its ability to intoxicate and make people forget about their cares and worries. Now, there is evidence to show that beer and vitamins might actually be interrelated and that beer may carry health benefits in the right circumstances.

According to recent research, beer is replete with vitamins such as niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, thiamin, riboflavin, and choline, flavonoids and traces of other important substances. Beer also has a significant amount of minerals like magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and selenium among others.

The reason why beer and vitamins go together is quite obvious, actually. Beer is made from a variety of grains most notably malt. In its raw form, malt – just like wheat – is a well recognized source of vitamin B complexes. During the manufacturing process for beer, the vitamins are subsequently transferred and retained in the liquid form endowing beer with vitamins that are sure to help promote health and wellness in beer drinkers.

Unfortunately, there is a caveat in the health benefits of beer. Beer and vitamins only become a handy and helpful combination when beer is drank in moderation. Increased concentrations of alcohol inhibit the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients in the digestive track. Alcohol can also denaturize and degrade vitamins even before it is digested. Thus, when one drinks too much beer on any given day, the vitamins simply go in and are passed out or are outright destroyed without being absorbed and synthesized into its useful form. In that regard, the presence of vitamins in beer becomes a moot argument.

But consider when beer is drunk in moderation; vitamins carry a lot of promising benefits that can help boost health and wellness. On average, there are up to 1.8 mg of niacin in a 12-ounce serving of beer, 0.16 mg of vitamin B6, 0.15 mg of pantothenic acid, 0.02 mg of thiamin, 0.09 mg of riboflavin, and 21 micrograms of folate. In addition, the presence of flavonoids which are powerful antioxidants can help prevent diseases by neutralizing free radicals which cause cellular damage and illness.

The important lesson to remember with beer and vitamins is to drink in moderation. According to medical recommendations, a 250mL serving of beer per day should be enough to provide the drinker with the positive benefits of vitamins. excessive drinking, on the other hand, allows the alcohol to govern the digestive processes that occur in managing beer which in turn results in the nasty and familiar effects of drunkenness that every drinker is more than acquainted with.

So if you are beer drinker, rejoice in the recently discovered benefits of beer and vitamins but take careful steps to not abuse it. Many would easily find it an acceptable excuse to say that since beer has vitamins, more must be better. This cannot be further from the truth. The recent findings are intended to highlight the benefits of beer and vitamins in moderation, not to extol drinking – especially overdrinking – as an acceptable social vice. Learn to recognize this fact and you should be happy with a couple of glasses of beer, and health, on any given day.