Beer for Your Hair

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Beer for Your Hair

The idea of using beer for your hair may not be a mainstream idea among people looking to have that shiny and flowing goldilocks. Still, when you ask hair care experts about it, you might be surprised at how definitive all the answers seem to be. Indeed, beer for your hair is a recognized hair care option in many circles because it offers many benefits that are proven to help you get that crowning glory that you have always wanted to have.

The most important benefit of beer when used for hair care is that it softens it, allowing it to be more manageable. While that may seem like a weird and unpopular idea, the treatment has been used by both men and women alike dating back to a few decades ago. The reason for this is that alcohol is an excellent cleansing agent as it reacts with the contaminants in your hair, stripping it altogether to reveal that shining, luscious mane.

To embrace the full on beer for your hair treatment, you only need to follow a very simple process. First, open a beer bottle – or two, depending on how much you need – and let it sit for an hour or two to allow all the bubbles to surface and in the process take out the carbon dioxide in the liquid. This will render the beer flat, meaning it turns into something that resembles water instead of the fizz-heavy material which is harder to use for cleansing purposes.

Shortly before you determine that the beer is ready, wash and shampoo your hair, then rinse it with warm water. Thoroughly squeeze all the excess liquid out leaving your hair damp and flat. At this stage, you are now ready to use the beer for your hair treatment. Simply pour the beer into your hair, gently massaging your scalp as you go along. Make sure to guide the beer so it wets the roots to the ends of your hair. For best results, allow it to sit for up to 3 minutes so your hair marinates in the beer. Finish by rinsing thoroughly to remove the smell and texture.

Alternatively, you can boil the beer and use it as a wash. Follow the same steps up until the de-carbonation phase is done, then pour the beer into a pan and bring it to a boil in medium heat. You know the beer for your hair is ready when about three-quarters of the original liquid volume has been evaporated. Cool down the resulting liquid and then mix with your regular shampoo. You can use this new mixture as a shampoo in the same way you would your original hair care product. As usual, thoroughly wash it all out until the smell and texture of beer is completely eliminated.

Do not dismiss the value and benefit of beer for your hair. Just because it may seem unconventional does not mean it doesn’t work. For a few decades now, many have relied on it to help them get that luscious and shiny hair look. Perhaps it is now your turn to do the same. Use beer for your hair to finally get the hair texture that you have long wanted for yourself.