Beer Health Benefits

2012 Health Benefits of Beer

Beer Health Benefits

If you are a regular beer drinker, then the recent surge of news and articles related to beer health benefits may just be the fixer-upper that you need to give value to your beer drinking habits. Of course, this is not to say that the health benefits recently ascribed to beer drinking will become the excuse that you need to justify drinking more. However, it certainly helps to know that drinking beer has its fair share of health benefits for regular drinkers.

Recent news in this area has actually provided a lot new information pertaining to beer health benefits. Among these are:

Improved bone health. A regular serving of beer is known to contain a substantial amount of silicon and calcium which are both essential minerals to improved bone density. Regularly drinking beer can help support the body’s daily need for calcium and silicon in order to keep brittle bones at bay.

Reduced risks for heart disease. A study in Italy claims to have established that drinking beer daily can lead to a 31% reduction in one’s risk factor for heart disease. There are many mechanisms thought to be responsible for this, namely that beer drinking is known to improve the ratio between HDL and LDL cholesterol, and that alcohol is a known vasodilator helping to improve blood circulation and lower blood pressure. In both situations, the heart is made to work in a less stressful environment so it is less susceptible to heart fatigue and failure.

Reduced risks from stroke. The same vaso-dilating action by the alcohol in beer can help lower the risks for blood clots. A stroke normally occurs when there is a disruption in the blood flow due to a clot. For regular beer drinkers, the blood is sufficiently thinned enough and the blood vessels are sufficiently dilated to minimize clotting.

Healthier kidneys. Alcohol is a known diuretic and so it stimulates the kidneys to be more active. Frequent urination due to beer drinking can clean the kidneys of accumulated salts and flushing these out via the urine will help prevent the likelihood of kidney stones.

Beer is also known to contain many helpful vitamins particularly those belong to the B-complex family. Grains such as the ingredients used in beer brewing have long been known to contain high levels of B-complex vitamins like thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, and folic acid among others. Research into beer health benefits have shown that regular beer drinkers actually have high amounts of B-complex vitamins in their blood versus those who do not regular quaff a glass, bottle or pint of beer on a daily basis.

Reduced risks for diabetes. Moderate amounts of alcohol are known to increase insulin sensitivity. This means that the blood is able to metabolize sugar efficiently. According to a Harvard study concluded in 2011, beer drinkers have a 25 per cent lower risk factor for diabetes than non-beer drinkers.

It should be remembered that the key to all these beer health benefits lies in moderation. Drinking up to a pint a day are known to maximize these health benefits but going beyond that can also lead to alcoholism and other problems that offset the health benefits. Thus, doctors recommend limiting one’s beer consumption to only two per day in order to reap these beer health benefits without venturing into dangerous territory when alcohol dependency becomes the most pressing problem for a drinker.