Beer Nutritional Benefits

2012 Health Benefits of Beer

Beer Nutritional Benefits

The discussion about beer nutritional benefits has been one of the most interesting discussions for a time now mainly because there are those who are set on the idea that beer can never be healthy for anyone. Conversely, the caveat has to be said: drinking any alcoholic beverage in moderation is not bad for the body unless one has a medical condition that it aggravates. When people understand this statement, it becomes easier to recognize that beer nutritional benefits are there for the taking and all that we need to do is be more prudent with the approach towards incorporating beer into our daily diet.

Having said that, it’s worthwhile to definitely enumerate the beer nutritional benefits that many experts recognize to be present in each glass of moderately consumed beer:

1. The first and perhaps most important benefit of beer is that it can significantly help lower the risk of heart ailments. This is an attribute that is common to almost all alcoholic drinks when consumed in moderation. So one of the beer nutritional benefits is that it acts as a blood thinner reducing the likelihood that clots will form in the bloodstream.

The thinner blood is also excellent for the heart because it requires less force to push blood through the veins. This relieves the heart from overexertion which is the biggest reason for heart-related fatalities. A glass or two of beer a day can help achieve the kind of blood consistency that is ideal for preventing clotting issues and the heart problems that come along because of those clotting issues.

2. Where before, beer was not marketed for its vitamin content, today there are multiple brands of beer that are willing to step out of the old norm and emphasize the vitamin content in beer. Guinness is one of the brands known to have pioneered this initiative and it is backed by studies that show how moderate beer drinkers have about 30% higher Vitamin B6 than non-beer drinkers. This is another of the beer nutritional benefits because B6 is an important vitamin for regulating body processes. Getting vitamin B6 from your favorite pastime drink can only add up to more beer health benefits, and that is precisely what Guinness and other beer brands are setting out to do.

3. It should not be forgotten that the primary ingredients of beer – malt and hops – are recognized sources of healthy substances in grain form. That makes these ingredients still another one of the beer nutritional benefits. For example, the xanthohumol compound in hops can help reduce the risk of cancer by limiting the action of enzymes which promote the production of carcinogens. Such a discovery only helps enhance the list of beer nutritional benefits that we already know and is certainly a step in the right direction for improving the reputation of beer as a healthy drink when it is not abused.

Again, it is important to remember that moderation is the key to reaping the many beer nutritional benefits. With moderation, one can expect to gain plenty of resistance to illness, receive naturally healthy vitamins and minerals, and other health benefits that medical science is yet to understand. Of course the best thing to remember is that it can all be found in a drink that many people the world over have loved for centuries. Now that’s one of the better beer nutritional benefits can any beer lover could ask for.