Benefits Of Drinking Beer

2012 Health Benefits of Beer

Beer drinkers rejoice; recent studies have shown that there are significant benefits of drinking beer, particularly when drinking is done in moderation. Where before beer drinking was widely considered to be just a stress reliever with no tangible health benefits, the thinking has shifted today in lieu of recent studies proving otherwise. If you want to learn more about the benefits of drinking beer, read on and find out what a glass or two a day can do for you.

One of the benefits of drinking beer is the reduction of risk for heart disease. This is mostly true for moderate consumption of alcohol on a regular basis and beer-drinking is no exception. Alcohol acts as a powerful vasodilator. It stimulates the blood vessels to expand and open up allowing for more blood to flow and also lowering the blood pressure in the process. Studies have already definitively proven that high blood pressure places undue stress on the heart so reduced blood pressure can also significantly ease the stresses on the heart and improves one’s risks against heart disease and heart failure.

Beer drinking also helps promote bone health. One of the main ingredients of beer – hops – is rich in calcium which is a vital nutrient for bone health. Regular consumption of beer provides the body access to a regular dose of calcium which is then metabolized by the body to improve bone density. Denser bone structures are crucial in preventing bone-related injuries, not to mention pre-empting age-related illnesses that are all traced to a phenomenon known as calcium-cannibalism which happens when old people can no longer metabolize calcium from food and the body begins to eat away at its calcium stores to replenish its calcium needs. The higher your bone density is in your younger years, the better your body is positioned to deal with calcium cannibalism later on in life.

Beer drinking promotes kidney health. Ever noticed how you frequently go to the toilet when you are drinking? Alcohol is a powerful diuretic and it stimulates the kidneys to feverishly work to clean the blood after a good drink. The same process also ensures that the kidneys are always performing in tip-top condition. A common cause for many kidney problems like kidney stones is that the bladder is not emptied often enough leading to all sorts of health complaints. Regularly drinking beer ensures that you urinate frequently and allows your body to “test” your plumbing system to make sure it works; and that’s one of the benefits of drinking beer that may not be apparent at first but is certainly there to take advantage of.

The benefits of beer drinking have all taken a collective push in recent years thanks to some savvy research that has allowed the real facts to come out. As long as you drink your beer in moderation, never abusing to the extent that the risks of alcohol intoxication and addiction negate all the healthy gains of a good drink, you are in a good position to take advantage of beer beyond its stress relieving qualities. It wouldn’t hurt to recognize all of that, and then to cheer it on as any positivist and appreciative beer enthusiast would after a long day in the office.