Drinking Beer for Health

2012 Health Benefits of Beer

Drinking Beer for Health

Drinking beer for health is a fast-growing strategy embraced by beer manufacturers to market beer as an excellent leisurely drink, especially when taken in moderation. Given that there has been tremendous assault against drunkenness and all the potential malaise that it may bring, the paradigm shift is well warranted and lauded. But the question remains: is there any truth to all the advertising surrounding the claim that drinking beer for health is indeed proven or is this just another marketing ploy to get consumers to continue their beer-drinking ways?

As it turns out, recent studies in the field of nutrition have elucidated some of the many fascinating health benefits that may be closely tied to drinking beer. Our enhanced understanding of health and nutrition coupled with more sophisticated methods of laboratory analysis have helped reveal some of the definitive reasons why drinking beer for health is not a myth but a real fact.

Consider the following attributes of beer drinking that make it a pleasant partner for health, provided drinking is done in moderation:

The most stubborn argument against beer is one that has very clear visual evidence: the so-called “beer gut” of many beer drinkers. Beer gut develops when repetitive consumption of beer is taken to the extreme. All the extra calories are deposited in the midsection and coalesce to form the massive blob that we all know as beer gut.

However, this is a perfect example of abusive drinking that in no way fits the description for moderation. In fact, anything that is good, when abused, can lead to disastrous health consequences. In this regard, beer is an excellent source of complex calories when consumed in moderate amounts ranging from a bottle or two every other day. These complex calories are essential to help teach the body proper metabolism of good carbohydrates which in turn can be instrumental for weight loss especially when coupled with proper dieting and exercise.

The second argument against beer drinking is one that pertains to alcohol and this falls into the same rut as the beer gut argument. When drank in moderation, alcohol is actually shown to help lower blood pressure as it helps dilate the blood vessels. Those who are suffering from blood pressure and blood clotting problems can benefit from drinking a bottle or two of beer a day to help in thinning the blood and promoting proper blood flow from the heart to the organs and back.

Drinking beer for health indeed has its merits but only if drinkers understand that moderation is the key to reaping these benefits without drawing in all the negatives that come with alcohol abuse. When drank recreationally, beer is one of the best alcoholic beverages because it has a long history and can be brewed from various ingredients that lend it diversity and personality. Knowing these positive attributes, you can now embrace the idea of drinking beer for health just as long as you know how to control and limit yourself from drinking in wanton abandon. In the end, you are still your own best friend or worst enemy.

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