Health and Beer

2012 Health Benefits of Beer

Health and Beer

Health and beer are two words that you would not expect to see together; at least not in favorable light. However, growing research on health and beer are giving numerous beer lovers a reason to tip back a glass or two of their favorite beer. These studies reveal that there a number of health benefits to be gained from drinking beer.

When compared to wine, beer has always been favored in the negative light while wine has been praised as a healthy alternative. However, recent research on health and beer has now revealed that beer benefits one's health in much the same way that wine does. However, this is only noted when beer is taken in moderation. In this case, moderate consumption refers to one to two glasses of beer for men and a glass for women.

Studies on health and beer indicate that taking moderate consumptions of beer each day could be "heart-friendly". These studies indicate that such consumption could reduce the risk of heart attacks in men by about 35%. This is great news for senior citizens who are dealing with obesity and high blood pressure. Both are known to be factors for heart disease and stroke.

The studies on health and beer have also revealed that moderate consumption of beer was noted to raise levels of HDL, otherwise known as good cholesterol. Moreover, consumption of beer was noted to have a favorable effect on blood vessels. Blood vessels become dilated after taking a glass or two of beer which reduces the chances of a clot forming within them or a clot rupturing within the vessels themselves.

Moderate consumption of beer has also been closely linked with protection against Type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, research on the effect of beer on the health indicates that consumption of beer may actually slow down the aging process.

The effect of beer on one's health is not only heart-related. Studies on health and beer indicate that moderate consumption of beer may actually improve cognitive function. Studies involving individuals who were aged 65 and older indicated that those who took a moderate amount of beer each day were less likely to suffer from dementia than individuals who did not. Moreover, the same studies indicated that a drink a day may actually help cognitive function in women.

While once beer may have been considered unhealthy, these studies on health and beer indicate that when taken in moderation, beer can be part of a wholesome diet. While studies are still underway to confirm whether or not beer is the next "super drink", moderate consumption of beer will definitely help your health. Moreover, beer is known to have a number of beneficial nutrients. This is mainly attributed to the healthy, wholesome ingredients used to manufacture beer. Some of the nutrients within beer include magnesium, phosphorous, Thiamin, Riboflavin, as well as folate and niacin.

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