Is Beer Healthy

2012 Health Benefits of Beer

Is Beer Healthy?

When many people are presented with an option of wine or beer, they typically choose wine due to the numerous health benefits it is believed to have. However, according to new health research, one shouldn't be too quick to dismiss the latter option. New studies on the health benefits of beer indicate that there are plenty of benefits to be gained from the drinking of beer. However, these reports do emphasize that moderate consumption is the only way to fully receive all the health benefits associated with beer.

Is Beer Healthy?

When you visit any alcoholic beverage forum, one of the most frequently asked questions happens to be, "Is beer Healthy?" While most would echo a strong "no" to this question, new research on the topic is revealing very interesting facts on the health benefits of beer.

Most beers are made from very healthy ingredients including water and yeast as well as wheat and barley. Research on the fermentation process that results in the creation of beer has revealed that a number of the vitamins and antioxidants preset in these ingredients survive the process and are absorbed by your body every time you have a drink. As such, beer is a healthy source of fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Similar studies compared the calorific value of beer with those of other alcoholic beverages. While most may believe that beer is a large source of empty calories, the studies actually reveal that beer has a lower calorific value when compared to those of other alcoholic beverages. These studies seem to shown that an answer to the question – is beer health? – could be yes.

According to recent studies, one of the possible health benefits to be gained from moderate consumption of alcohol is decreased risk of heart disease. Studies based on the drinking habits of over 200,000 people in Italy revealed that drinking beer moderately reduced the risk of heart disease by 31%.

Light beer drinkers also have decreased chances of developing a stroke. Moreover, the alcoholic beverage is thought to have more than one mental benefit. Studies on beer drinking and mental health indicate that moderate beer consumption may actually help improve cognitive function in individuals aged 65 and over. Moreover, similar studies show that light consumption of beer may also help reduce the risk of individuals developing dementia. So, is beer healthy? In moderate consumption, yes.

There are a number of health studies which indicate that beer may also be useful in reducing the risk of one developing Type 2 diabetes. Moreover, research on the effects of beer also indicates that beer helps increase good cholesterol levels, commonly referred to as HDL, while lowering the bad (LDL).

When is Beer Healthy

One should note that in all the studies moderate consumption was the determining factor as to the health benefits that one receives. Moderate consumption of beer would be two daily glasses for men and one daily for women. If this rule is followed beer consumption can be good for your health. However, if much more is drank the answer to – is beer healthy – would start turning to No in that particular scenario